Have you seen – Google Documents?

Lately, I have found myself enjoying many services from Google, recently I have transferred a lot of my operations (documents and spreadsheet) to Google Documents, since it does provide me with an amazing number of features, which I believe almost every one can use.

Having a Gmail account – I’ve been amazed about the features and functionality of this services, and when launched – the Document feature was not really sinking in here in my organization – Boy did that change now !!!

Google Documents does provide me with the opportunity to work with Rich Text Formatted Documents, using basic features expected in a word processor and not to forget – the opportunity to bring the documents with you on the road.

Another issue are the spreadsheet functionality; to secure the basic calculations in an online environment, I personally keep track of expenses – budget and proposals – and are very enthusiastic about the functionality. The inbuilt functions for spell-check in the applications – does secure that the worst errors do not get into my docs and spreadsheets.

The fact that I can export as both DOC and XLS file(s) – as well as others just makes it a killer application for my daily work – cant wait for the next chapter from Google.


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