Back it up !!!!

Few of us back up our data. Most of us don’t realise that we don’t have to sit there waiting for a backup to finish – we can schedule our backups to start at the end of every working day or even overnight. We can back up to an external hard drive, removable drive or across the network.

However, now many of us have high-speed broadband connections, we should use these connections to back up our important data, online. For instance, with an 8Mbps business broadband connection, you may have an upstream facility to get data online at 800Kbps, which is fast enough for backing up key documents and files.

Mozy Backup is a free (with the option of a paid-for) backup account that offers you 2GB worth of online storage, along with a special Windows-based tool to upload/download your data. It’s entirely encrypted, so no-one can access your data whilst your using the tool to connect to your online account, nor whilst the data is online.

Mozy Backup enables you to schedule or continuously backup your files, so you’re in control of your scheduled backups, depending on your Internet connection.

You can choose to purchase additional storage space or refer other users, where you’ll be rewarded with additional free space, in return.

Check it out here.


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