Nikita in 0’th Grade.

Well – the above expression covers the fact that Niktia has started school here in Sweden, and have been through a ride (again) in regards to acquiring and new language.

Having taken him away from Singapore – where we did our focus on English and Russian as mother tongue for him; two years in Denmark gave him quite a good vocabulary in Danish – this year he plunged into Swedish – by starting in school.

I am now the proud father of a 7year old child who has 4-languages in his daily life, and he seems quite well to be able coping with the situation.

Admitted; what he doesn’t have in extended vocabulary and mastering the languages excellently – he adding the ability to have no problems expressing him self on another language. Basically, when he doesn’t know the word in one language – he just thinks for a split second and takes another one from his supplementary languages. This is an ability which I believe will be quite handy in future 

His class is 20 pupils from the district and I can see that they are giving maximum focus on the kids (two teachers in the school) and I can see on his development that for him; he is very much aware of the fact that he has to work for getting into the same level as the other kids – but he certainly does not hold himself back.

We are now (here end of November) going to his school for evaluation and meeting with the teachers – I am very much looking forward to his review. I (myself) am proud of him anyway.

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