Reasons organization fails at project management #2

Previous Crash and Burn

A common criticism of project management methodology is that it is cumbersome, paper intensive, and takes too much focus away from the work at hand.

Sometimes this is a reasonable concern, caused by not scaling the procedures to the size of your project. However, project management was not the problem.
The problem was a misguided attempt at implementation of project management. If you implement project management procedures right, the results will be outstanding.

You are not committed

Many organizations (hopefully the Management) say they want good project management, but do the actions back up the words of them?

For instance, the first time you try to define the work, does everyone say “just get going”? If you try to enforce scope change management, does your manager say “just do the work”?

Does your sponsor say you are wasting time identifying risks? This disconnect is very common. The words say one thing, but the actions say another.

Don’t know how to implement changes

Most organizations don’t know how to manage culture change in general and project management in particular. You can’t just train people and turn them loose. You can’t just buy MS Project and turn people loose.

You have to have a long-term, multi-faceted approach to managing culture change. It takes hard work and resources.

Many organizations are not interested in focus on the culture change long-term, and they don’t want to spend any resources to do it.
Is it any surprise then, that six months later, project management deployment ends up in the trash pile of broken promises and intentions which never made it to end of the project.

If you are not ready to do the time – then don’t do the crime.


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