Nikita in 0’th Grade.

Well – the above expression covers the fact that Niktia has started school here in Sweden, and have been through a ride (again) in regards to acquiring and new language.

Having taken him away from Singapore – where we did our focus on English and Russian as mother tongue for him; two years in Denmark gave him quite a good vocabulary in Danish – this year he plunged into Swedish – by starting in school.

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How to Configure an $80 File Server in 45 Minutes

Found on the internet:
I use a modded Xbox and Xbox Media Center for playing media files across the network on my television and sound system. I also download large files, such as Linux ISOs, via BitTorrent. However, leaving my primary computer on all the time seemed like a waste of energy. I wanted a cheap, small headless machine that I could use as a Samba server and BitTorrent client so I could leave my workstation off when I wasn’t using it.

Innovative or not – who cares ?

In Wall Street Journal, 2 guys (Robert Scoble and Dave Winer) are raising question of whether Microsoft is innovative or not. Winer says “Microsoft isn’t an inventor, and never was”.

Scoble’s argument doesn’t appear to offer the same kid of juicy sound bite that begs to be ripped out of context, but he generally seems to be defending Microsoft as an innovator.
These guys have some smart things to say on the topic, but if I have to choose, I’ll side with Dave Winer. I personally don’t think of Microsoft as an innovator. I think of Microsoft as a company with outstanding marketing, not innovation.
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Immigration services in Sweden.

Well – what can I say?

I think all of you have been bored about my rants about our bad experiences with the Danish Immigration Services; we spent 14 months to wait for a permission to stay in Denmark – and we got the permission for 10 months for Elena, before we had to go back and reapply.
We were just (this summer, after 2 years in the country) starting to investigate the opportunities for refreshment courses for Elena (Danish) – when we decided to move.

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Reasons organization fails at project management #2

Previous Crash and Burn

A common criticism of project management methodology is that it is cumbersome, paper intensive, and takes too much focus away from the work at hand.

Sometimes this is a reasonable concern, caused by not scaling the procedures to the size of your project. However, project management was not the problem.
The problem was a misguided attempt at implementation of project management. If you implement project management procedures right, the results will be outstanding.
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Reasons organization fails at project management

Generally speaking, all companies and organizations are trying to get better at project management. (In other words, I haven’t seen any that are purposely trying to get worse at it.)

Many companies do believe the role is impossible and may (or may not) have recognize that there might be a value associated with being able to manage projects more effectively.

Why then, are so many organizations still so bad at project management? What is keeping them from being able to effectively manage their projects? See if you can pick out one of my reasons why your organization may falls short in completing a good project.
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