Leaving Odense

Odense as city – is Denmark 3’rd largest city and famous for its Story Teller – Hans Christian Andersen”, it’s the one just recently celebrated.

The city has a few hundred thousand citizens and is placed in the middle of the country. It’s a rather peaceful – and not Metropolis like, a safe haven for a family. I wont rant about the city in itself – we did make a mistake in regards to choice of residence, but in general we have not taken the time to explore the city.

One thing that are painfully obvious for everyone is that Odense and its politicians do not posses the energy to bring business and development to the city – it’s a city who somehow stays status quo – while people work somewhere else.

The number of people that each morning board the train to work somewhere else is amazing, and I can’t recall hearing or reading anything in the local newspapers that made me believe in city and the chance for becoming a centre of excellence.

IMHO – I do prefer to live in an environment where I can feel that there is a growing environment – new jobs are being created and that the opportunities for growth are present – and I fail to see how this is possible in Odense.

I do remember back when the “Storebæltsbro” was build (It’s the bridge that connects the two sides on Denmark) – the Politicians said that this would bring great development for the middle part of Denmark (and thereby Odense) – but it seemed like the politicians of the city did stay put and was expecting to stop on their way to Jutland – but somehow the didn’t see that their city was placed 20km from the highway and not a place worth stopping for.

Somehow the development never hit the city – it did continue 50 kilometers further to an area that now have seen a great improvement (Frederica and Kolding) – and Odense has surely become a sleeping village.

So lesson – which should have been learned, was that you don’t wait for great things to happen – you do make them happen yourselves.


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