Jämfört med Danmark er Sverige ganske bra :-)

Så er vi flyttet ind. 3 timer efter vi kom til Oxie besluttede Nikita at hans skulle have nye ”kompiser” (venner for dem der ikke forstår Svensk).

Området vi er flyttet ind i er et glimrende børnevenligt område – jeg kan umiddelbart her efter et par dage se at her trives ungerne – her er masser af plads, legepladser og sandkasser til ungerne.

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Leaving Odense

Odense as city – is Denmark 3’rd largest city and famous for its Story Teller – Hans Christian Andersen”, it’s the one just recently celebrated.

The city has a few hundred thousand citizens and is placed in the middle of the country. It’s a rather peaceful – and not Metropolis like, a safe haven for a family. I wont rant about the city in itself – we did make a mistake in regards to choice of residence, but in general we have not taken the time to explore the city.

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Closing a chapter in the book.

Its now time for us to move out of Odense in Denmark. We did, upon returning to Denmark after the 4 years in Singapore – decide to try out a new place to live; and Odense was the choice made by me. 
We have now lived in the city since November 2004 – and have (for better and worse) been pretty pleased with the apartment in general – but we do look forward in moving into our house in Sweden. 

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