July – Summertime in Denmark

Here are some news from Denmark – we haven’t recently been very much up-to-date with our news submission – and i hope soon to make it up to all of our friends out here.
Quite a few things have been happening here:

My Work: NEXTINNOVATION is going places, i am involved in two major projects, which absolutely takes up to much of my time – in times more than i even bargained for. But then again – Its quite interesting projects, challenging to time – but hey; i am not afraid of a challenge.

Somehow we found time for ourselves, and it has been possible for us to make a dream come true – We want to move again. By the 18’th of August we are the proud owners of a small house in Oxie (Suburb to Malmö, Sweden) and we will be leaving Odense – to get the premises that we really wished for.

We have on many occasions discussed Sweden as a future home, but finally it all came into order. The combination of a reasonable price, the correct house with the facilities we need, and the opportunity to move to NEXTINNOVATION’s new office in Copenhagen made everything come in order.

The Family:

Nikita finally got his Yellow Belt in Karate – something he is very proud of. I had the pleasure to see his graduation and his performance in front of all the others; it was a very proud boy who was taking of his white belt – and receive the brand new yellow belt. I have to say that something like Karate has been something we can strongly encourage – the kids learn a lot from it.

He has also had a “Big-Kids” Party in his old kindergarten. It was an evening with all the friends, food, music and dance with the girls – without interference from kids and adults. It was a very tired and very glad kids that was brought home from the party.

Max is also getting bigger – he is one huge pile of undiscovered stories and a lot of stores of his everyday life; i think he do believe that we understand his baby language – but we do have quite some translation to do.

One things that are possible to notice, his skills are picked up in English (Impact from our home life and the fact that we have been doing some language training in English. But no-one has to be in doubt; Come August and the fact that we will be moving to Sweden – we all know where his main language skills will be.

Elena has been spending the last few months outside with the kids – its a wonderful summer and being close to the park has made it bearable to live in the midst of the centre. After two years in Odense, she has finally found a group of friends she talks to – Something i hope she will do faster in Sweden – it is a larger community (than Odense) and there should be quite a large Russian community out there.

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