A Migrating From Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL (Download)

With the rapid growth of MySQL in the database market, many corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and others have begun to migrate away from their expensive and proprietary databases. Of course, a migration from any database is not something to be taken lightly, and so countless organizations are considering their options for migrating to MySQL.

In particular, many MySQL customers are migrating from SQL Server because they have reached the conclusion that the combination of cost-savings, platform freedom, and feature set of MySQL make for a compelling business case to offload some or all their database-driven applications to the MySQL database server.

This paper provides insight into what is needed for considering a move from SQL Server to MySQL, and presents a number of options that help make the transition easy. Both the business and technical sides of migrating to MySQL will be dealt with, so whether you are a manager or a seasoned DBA, you will find the needed answers to questions that revolve around migrating to the world’s most popular open source database – MySQL.

Pick it up here.


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