Sex, Lies, and CMS Vendors

Ten Common Myths You Might Hear During the CMS Sales Process,” by CMS Watch. In this list, CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne warns about the content management system come-on lines to beware of. The best four:

1) “Our interface will sell itself (the sex part).” There’s no one-size-fits-all CMS interface, says Byrne; they always have to be modified. What’s sexy to one user will turn off another.

2) “You can recoup your software expenses by reassigning the Web team.” No, you can’t make the business case for CMS on the cost side, because those full-timers won’t actually get laid off, says Byrne — they’ll just end up working on the CMS. You’ve got to get end-user productivity gains to make the business case for CMS.

3) “Our migration scripts will take care of your existing content.” Right, and pigs will fly. You and only you are responsible for data cleanup and quality.

4) “Our open-source solution means you’ll get off cheap,” or “Our commercial solution is better supported than open-source alternatives.” The real TCO hit is not in the license but in customization and integration, where open source could cost just as much, Byrne notes. But open source support could be better — if the open source community is big enough.


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