Er du ved at blive gammel eller hvad ??

De fleste af de studerende der startede på universitet/videregående uddannelser i år, er født i 1985+. På det tidspunkt kunne vi allerede gå, tale, skrive og måske tale et andet sprog…
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Desktop Linux remains a hard sell for hardware vendors

As if the launch plans for Vista weren’t confusing enough, Microsoft execs have played up the steep hardware requirements of the operating system’s bells and whistles, prompting many IT managers to wonder whether the upgrade might signal a jumping-off point for shops that have grown tired of life under Redmond’s collective thumb.

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Historiens gang

For at summere det kort, vi gør fremskridt teknologisk hvilket gør det behageligere at leve i 2006 end i år 429 men fundamentalt set er menneskeheden ikke en meter nærmere fred og fordrageligt, og det der er intet der tyder på vi vil komme i nogen nær fremtid, de Græske demokratier faldt, den næstekærlige kristendom udviklede pavekirke, inkvisitationen, heksebrændinger og antisemitisme, som en del af det store opgør med pavekirken.

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Did I ever tell you the story of my first business?

Let me see if I can remember the whole thing. I was fourteen, I think. They were running some kind of a summer training @ the institute, and I was hired to sit behind a desk and make copies of articles from journals if anybody wanted them.

There was a big urn full of coffee next to the desk, and if you wanted coffee, you helped yourself and left a quarter in a little cup. I didn’t drink coffee, myself, but I did like donuts and thought some nice donuts would go well with the coffee.

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Reasons You Should and Shouldn’t Care About Windows Vista

“Ten Reasons You Should and Shouldn’t Care About Windows Vista,” by Gartner’s Neil MacDonald and Michael A. Silver — a timely list, as Microsoft again pushed back the Vista launch dates … do we care? The best four:

1) “Full Volume Encryption With TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 1.2 Support.” It does seem that laptops full of customer data get stolen weekly, and Gartner points out that Vista will help protect against the lost/stolen machine scenario. Of course, you can already buy similar encryption today for $30 to $90 per machine, Gartner notes.

2) “Integrated Search With Document Orientation.” Because Microsoft owns the UI, Gartner argues, it could potentially do a much better job of integrated desktop search than third parties. On the other hand, third-party tools are here now, and with Vista, users will have to be taught about metadata. Did I mention the bit about pigs flying?

3) “Support for Tablet PC and x64.” The 64-bit code will come on the same CD, and at no extra cost. But Gartner notes that you have to choose between the 32- and 64-bit versions on install, when you really should be able to bump up to 64 later if you start with 32 and change your mind.

4) “Because at some point, you’ll have no choice.” Although Windows 2000 support ends in 2010, Gartner predicts that XP SP2 enterprises won’t find Vista compelling enough to upgrade outside of their normal hardware refresh cycle. XP support ends in 2013 — maybe by then Microsoft will have gotten serious enough competition from Apple or Linux to have dramatically expanded the realm of OS choices it offers.
Personally I’d love a 20th anniversary edition of “Windows for Workgroups.” Not!