State of affairs.

Well, for all of you out there, that has asked me to comment on the ”current state of affairs” and the current exposure of the Danish situation – in regards to the drawings that obviously have upset people around the world.

First of all – let me pin point from beginning – that I in no way found it necessary to display these pictures – it was absolutely not important and not even a story that was meant as an eye-raiser here in Denmark.

But then again, I also have to make the standpoint clear, that Denmark is a country with freedom of speech and opinions, and that all items (even religious) are open for discussion, nothing is found to precious to discuss – something that I find extremely valuable in an open democracy.

We have always (and will if I am not mistaken) allowed everyone to be heard – even those who has been oppressed during time – we have always allowed religious, political and sexual orientations minorities a sanctuary – as long as no crime has been committed in our country. You are proven innocent in the eyes of the law, as long as no crime has been committed in our country or it can be proven that accusations against you can be proven biased by a government, to whom you are opposition.

Just a look in our story books show that;

A.) We took in Jews fleeing from Germany as well as those living in Denmark during Second World War, and could provide a safe haven until we were occupied by the Nazi Forces.

B.) We allowed a “Terrorist Group called PLO” a safe haven and political premises, while the rest of the world did accuse them of Terrorist Activity – We don’t have to mention the Leader Arafat later received the Nobel Peace prize, although the rest of the world have seen his organization as terrorist.

C.) We allowed African National Congress safe haven and premises in Denmark, to support the quest for Independence – the story about their leader Nelson Mandela has also proven that yesterday’s criminal will be tomorrow’s leader.

D.) We did allow the Chechnya National Convention to proceed in Denmark, to the fury of Mr. Putin, who has seen the inhabitants of this country as terrorist for many years.

We also allow Gay Couples marriage and full legal rights, we do not impose a mandatory religion or even tax to support the churches of Denmark (you can avoid pay taxes to the churches if you wish so) – We allow women the equal rights to men (in all manners) – and I truly believe that we have gone great steps towards full and equal right to any man, woman or child in this world.

We do not wish to pass judgments on right or wrong, we don’t want to limit the conversation and we want to secure the freedom and prosperity – we are one of the largest donators to any needy country in the world, according to the IMF – Denmark are the largest contributor in the world, in regards to foreign aid / compared to our BNP (and taken into consideration we are amongst the top 10 richest countries in the world, I think this is not a small amount).

Our support and help has gone to needy people around the world, without looking at Religion and Belief, we have made help available if it has been required.

Now today, I am looking at the Islamic world being furious at the “Danish Population” based on a carton made of Mohammed, could anyone please let me know what that is about.

Do they really think that the world would be better, if Denmark was removed from the Earth? Religion has for me, always seemed to be the root of all evil, and today’s news just prove me right.

Come on, it’s just a drawing ……………………..

Also, check out the Mohammed Image Archive. See, of course it isn’t the first time that somebody drew a picture of Mohammed. There are lots of pictures, including some by Muslims, including pictures on magazine covers, in books, on paintings, etc. It is just that none of those created any kind of similar uproar.


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