Making Decisions

If you find yourself revisiting decisions over and over again, or just being unsure of decisions you have made, it might be because you’ve short-circuited the decision making process.

When this happens, it’s good to step back and follow a decision making process very explicitly. It doesn’t have to take a long time, but it’s important to be disciplined about it. Here’s one that works for me. It works for anything from decisions about software features or interface details, to where to go on your next vacation.
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E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago

Having followed the recent development of both Darren Lennard is a managing director in the London offices of European-based investment bank and Dresdner Kleinwort Wassersteinuse of WIKI’s . He became something of a creative-class everyman a month ago when, after a long and onerous day at the office, he plucked his hyperactive BlackBerry from his silk-lined pocket and proceeded to smash it on the gleaming granite countertop of his London home.

As if an explanation is necessary. The analytically gifted investment banker had morphed into a zombie-faced thumb man, wheeling through his engorged in-box as his last activity before going to bed and his first upon waking. The time squandered on his electronic mistress made his brain reel. Of the 250 e-mails he received each day, he says “85% were totally not important to my job.” Think that ratio of e-waste sounds depressing? It gets worse. Legitimate e-mail will drop to 8% this year, down from 12% last year, according to Redwood City (Calif.) e-mail filtering outfit Postini Inc.
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Plaxo – Review of Automated Contact Management Software

One of the hot companies that we’ve been following is Plaxo. Founded by Sean Parker (one of the Napster founders) and two Stanford engineers, Plaxo is funded by Sequoia Capital and Globespan Capital Partners, and boasts a world-class board including Ram Shriram, Michael Moritz, Jon Callaghan and Tim Koogle.


Plaxo’s flagship product offering is Plaxo Contacts, an elegant and much-needed solution for keeping your contact information up to date automatically. Integrated seamlessly and elegantly into Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (Thunderbird and Yahoo is also supported), Plaxo eliminates the chore of having to manually update your contact information. When a person moves or changes companies, Plaxo instantly updates their information for you, and even sends you an email letting you know that the details have been taken care of.
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Review of LinkedIn

As a System Architect and Project Manager here in Denmark I rely heavily on my network and the contacts I have built over the last 15 years. Much of my work/oppertunities comes through these relationships and corresponding referrals.

This LinkedIn review covers what the company and product are all about, and why I believe it is a tremendously valuable tool.

LinkedIn is one of the new Social Computing companies. The most well-known company in this space is Friendster, which uses a six degrees of separation model to help people meet others for dating and to build new friendships. Friendster has enjoyed much success thus far, with extensive media coverage, top-tier funding and a user base that is approaching 3 Million users since April of 2002.
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Dream of telecommuting

Gartner estimates that more than 80 million workers worldwide worked from home at least one day per month in 2005, up from 38 million in 2000.
In the United States, by far the world’s leader in telecommuting, almost a quarter of all corporate workers telecommuted one day a month in 2005, twice the number from 2000 — these figures don’t even include regular road warriors or self-employed people.
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State of affairs.

Well, for all of you out there, that has asked me to comment on the ”current state of affairs” and the current exposure of the Danish situation – in regards to the drawings that obviously have upset people around the world.

First of all – let me pin point from beginning – that I in no way found it necessary to display these pictures – it was absolutely not important and not even a story that was meant as an eye-raiser here in Denmark.

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