What will be the role of Axapta in Microsoft Dynamics

“Microsoft Dynamics[TM]” is not a future move as your message implies, Dynamics[TM] was a done deal last Fall; and, planned well before then. Please note (and take comfort in) that Axapta remains a discrete product offering.

‘Dynamics ‘ was primarily a brand repositioning of certain business solution products. The Dynamics product group now includes Axapta, Navision, Solomon and Great Plains solutions for the SMB market.
It may, or may not, eventually cover CRM, Retail and other similar business offerings.

Concurrently, the Microsoft “Project Green” initiative is ongoing and, does bear upon the future of Dynamics products. This is an internal, dynamic undertaking at Microsoft & MBS that has, perhaps, introduced some confusion into the partner, VAR & developer channels.

Here’s what I know from browsing MBS and Partner sites. There is NO near term effort to consolidate these four products into a ‘one size fits all’ ERP package. The migration path, and published software release roadmap, for each package runs well into (or past) 2008.
Frankly, market segmentation for each product is and will remain strong.

An argument can be made for combining Axapta and Navision.
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Hi all,
 I am sure that u all will be familier with the future roadmap of the
“,1] ); //–>

After all, the present ‘Dynamics[TM} – AX’ package was known as ‘Navision Axapta’ upon Microsoft acquisition. But, I do not expect to see actual consolidation anytime soon, if at all. Don’t worry. Be happy. In this scenario, I see Axapta as the emergent technology.

There IS an effort to provide a common GUI, enhanced ‘interoperability’ and a greater service orientation, among other
things, for this collection of products. This is similar to the logic, and core product strength, of the Office Suite components. Keep in mind that integrating the enterprise characteristics of these products is NOT the same as integrating them into one application.

  • Will there be an integrated ‘Dynamics Suite’? Maybe.
  • When will it happen? Beats me but, not anytime soon.
  • Where will Axapta be if that happens? A very, very strong application in such an futuristic ensemble ERP solution.
  • Will your personal investment in mastering Axapta reach a dead-end? No.
  • Will you have to learn other technologies? Yes (but then, you will anyway as technology in general advances).

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