CRM Is a Strategy – Get IT !!

According to Gartner, the world’s leading provider of research and analysis about the technology industry, “CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not a technology or a software package — it is a strategy. To implement the strategy, organizations use tools and technologies, usually offered by vendors in the form of CRM software packages … using the tools and technologies offered by the vendors to solve specific business problems related to interactions with customers.”
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The top 20 IT mistakes to avoid

We all like to think we learn from mistakes, whether our own or others’. So in theory, the more serious bloopers you know about, the less likely you are to be under the bright light of interrogation, explaining how you managed to screw up big-time. That’s why we put out an all-points bulletin to IT managers and vendors everywhere: For the good of humanity, tell us about the gotchas that have gotten you, so others can avoid them.
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Get the right website for your business

Many businesses reach more customers by having a website and by answering a series of simple questions about your business, you’ll find out:

* whether a website could work for your business
* what type of website would be best for you
* how a website could help you get more customers

You may also want to:

* check what type of website your competitors have
* discuss your current and future website needs with an IT adviser
* take advice from a range of website development and design agencies
* get impartial advice from your local adviser
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What will be the role of Axapta in Microsoft Dynamics

“Microsoft Dynamics[TM]” is not a future move as your message implies, Dynamics[TM] was a done deal last Fall; and, planned well before then. Please note (and take comfort in) that Axapta remains a discrete product offering.

‘Dynamics ‘ was primarily a brand repositioning of certain business solution products. The Dynamics product group now includes Axapta, Navision, Solomon and Great Plains solutions for the SMB market.
It may, or may not, eventually cover CRM, Retail and other similar business offerings.
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19 Steps to Maintain an Accurate Inventory (Step 8-19)

Step 8: Assign someone to address “reports” all year long.

There is no room for excess costs in any economy! In order to show a profit, you need a complete understanding of where the money goes and how to run your operations more efficiently and effectively than your competition. This means you can’t just address problems during your annual physical and then think they will not happen again throughout the year. By assigning someone to address reports throughout the year, the reports will be a manageable the week before the annual physical. I see it all of the time. Items are typically added back into inventory when the count is incorrect and the report shows open (shipped) orders that were not invoiced. Those items need to be back into the system to reconcile correctly. This would be avoided if these items were accounted for prior to the physical.
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Salesforce – A New Microsoft ?

In 1980, Bill Gates had a brilliant idea: make a fortune providing the operating system platform for the first PCs and let others build applications on top of it. In 2006, Marc Benioff has the same idea.

On Tuesday, officially launched AppExchange, an online marketplace for applications certified to run as add-ons to’s hosted customer relationship management and sales force automation applications.

(Just don’t call it software, please. Since the company’s launch in 1999, it’s proclaimed “the end of software.” says it provides applications on demand.)
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